Ghent Digital Interactive Fair – Where Dreams Become Reality

by Sara Van Damme, Digipolis Ghent

Have you ever dreamed of living in a world, in which everyone can embrace cutting-edge digital innovations? Your dreams can become reality at the Ghent Digital Fair!

Once a year, we organize an entire week of digital fun and education in the city of Ghent, also known as the Digital Week. To highlight this week’s unique and innovative character, it kicks off with a spectacular opening event: the Digital Interactive Fair.


This afternoon perfectly combines fun with technology and gives visitors the opportunity to get to know new and innovative start-ups, try out new technologies and simply discover all the wonders that our digital future holds. From drones and virtual reality to robots and 3D printing, there is something for everyone!

20150418_0302.JPGOne of the key aspects of this Digital Fair is interaction with the public. The organizers don’t want the visitors to just stand there and listen, we want them to try out, discover and experience technologies first hand! There will be plenty of workshops, try-outs and hands-on demonstrations for young and old. On top of that, the fair and all the organized workshops are entirely free of charge. That way, everyone has a chance to discover the future and dream big!

Do you want to join us and discover new technologies too? Visit our Digital Interactive Fair on Saturday October 8 and explore how dreams can become reality!

Exclusive: Pre-opening tour for TEAC16 participants! Saturday October 8 at 13:00
GentDig Fair 1
Before the Digital interactive Fair opens to the public, Telecentre Europe Annual Conference participants are invited on an exclusive tour to discover all the wonders that our digital future holds.
You will have a unique chance to meet with brilliant minds and try out new technologies, from drones and virtual reality to 3D printing.

Oh yes, it’s time to dream big!